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Mort Maryam  MorYO Yeshu' Msheeho

The date of the latest updates: 21-Apr-2016
Since the site “Beith Souryoyé Morounoyé” is still under construction, frequent changes are to be expected, until it attains its desired form and potential. At the same time, we appreciate any advice that would help us perfect it !

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! This Site «Beith Souryoyé Morounoyé» is not sanctioned by the Antiochian Syriac Maronite Church. Rather, it is the product of, and operated by, a group of zealous Syriac Maronites who are steadfast in their adherence to their Church and their heritage under the guidance of His Beatitude Patriarch Mor Bsharah Petros Ra'i and the Holy Synod !