Mor Ephrem (306-373AD)

"The best known are the Ephremiats, attributed to St. Ephrem of the 4th century, who is called by the Universal Church, "The Harp of the Holy Spirit".  He is a Doctor of the Church and one of our Spiritual Fathers." , Cedars of Lebanon - Maronite Hymnal Second Edition.

"Famous 4th-century spiritual Father/Teacher and *deacon of the *Syriac *Church.  Born in *Nisibis, he moved to *Edessa.  He wrote many prose theological treatises and commentaries on the Scriptures.  He is equally famous for his composition of metrical verses(memre, pronounced, "memray"), which found their way into the *Syriac liturgical *Tradition.  The quality of this metrical work is widely judged to be so fine as to credit Ephrem as one of the greatest liturgical poets of the Universal Church.  In addition, Ephrem is considered a (theological) Doctor of the Universal Church.", Captivated by Your Teachings, p.393 - Maronite Source.

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