Letter of Appreciation to Our Brother Paul Younan

We thank our very dear brother Paul Younan, owner of “Peshitta.org,” for his generous free gift, which enabled us to launch, on his server, our “Beith Souryoyé Morounoyé.” We are also very appreciative of the fact that, he is gathering the Syriac Brothers who are beginners in the art of internet usage. Our brother Paul’s fundamental mission is at once to defend and advertise our Aramaic Syriac heritage; for this, we can never congratulate him enough. We entreat our Lord to bless him in his mission, and to preserve him as the shining beacon for all the other brothers and sisters in the Aramaic Syriac family; following his example of an ecumenical Christian and Syriac spirit they will, some day, adopt it fully, so that the glory of our ancestors may illuminate us and the surrounding world, as it always has for centuries. Our hats off to you Paul.

Committee of Beith Souryoyé Morounoyé