syriac (i.e. Aramaic) font
installation instruction

Instruction Steps To Install The Font (For Microsoft Windows)
  1. Download the font AramaicShimo to c:\ Drive
  2. Right-Click on Above AramaicShimo Link
  3. For Netscape Choose "Save Link As", For Internet Explorer "Save Target As"
  4. Unzip the file to c:\
  5. Click On Start
  6. Click On Settings
  7. Click On Control Panel
  8. Double Click On Fonts
  9. Click On File
  10. Click On "Install New Font"
  11. Select C: Drive
  12. Select C:\
  13. Select all the fonts
  14. Click On OK
  15. Now You Should Be Able To View Syriac Font
  16. To see Syriac letters connected, you need Windows XP. If you dont have Windows XP, but have Office XP, you need to do the following (We recommend that you keep a backup of the orginal USP10.DLL file before doing the following procedure): copy C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Office10\usp10.dll to for win9x or me c:\windows\system; for win2000 to c:\winnt\system32. If you don't have Windows XP or Office XP, then you're going to see disconnected letters. If you have Windows 2000(Necessary) or Windows XP(Recommended), and you want to write in Aramaic in different fonts, then go to Beth Mardutho.
  17. You require Netscape 6.2 and up; or Internet Explorer 6.0 and up
  18. In Windows XP, Windows 9x, me, 2000, Office XP, Internet Explorer, Netscape you need to enable arabic support, specificaly arabic(syria)(if available).
  19. In Windows XP, Office XP, Internet Explorer you need to enable Syriac support
Instruction Steps To Install The Font (For Linux, Unix X-Windows)
  1. Not Yet Available